Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Purpose of Prophecy

I want to repeat something that was posted on another blog recently. I have decided to post it here and discuss it since we have spoken alot on this blog about prophecy that has not yet been fulfilled. The statement below, strikes me as true, and something I need to adhere to. I encourage all to do the same as you read or re-read that which I have written. The following principle from the other blog ought to be our guide. Here it is:

"Prophecies are not given to enable us to understand details of the Lord's plans in advance. They are not designed to allow you to parse apart God's plans and know what He plans beforehand. They are only meant to be understood after they have happened. Then, when they have happened, you will understand what God was saying and that He was in control all along.

You should be very careful about settling on a final interpretation of any prophecy because they were not given with that in mind."

In our attempts to understand the words of the Book of Mormon, it is easy to want to put things together to try to explain what the future might hold. Some of what we attempt to "put together" might simply not "go together." I recognize, as tempting as it is to look for explanations, it is wise to simply allow fulfillment of prophecy to teach us what is meant by the prophecy.  Thereby our God is glorified in His work and our faith is increased in the wonder of it. He is in control. He knows the end from the beginning. We simply don’t, and don’t need to. What we need is faith in Him and His word. Every one of His words will be fulfilled. It is not required we know how.

Instead of looking to find "final interpretation" of the prophecies we have considered in the things I have written, I plan to use the information to be informed in order that I can wait and watch for the prophecies to be fulfilled in whatever manner the Lord decides. I encourage all to consider the suggestion quoted above and do the same.

The Holy Ghost will, and does, teach all truth. If we ask, even about future events, we may be taught, or we may be denied in our request. Regardless what we are taught, the above guideline ought to remind us of the purpose of prophecy. I plan to follow the counsel quoted above.

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