Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Who the Heck is Emer?

If you have read the book of Ether in the Book of Mormon you have read about Emer. But you, like me, may not have remembered him. Relatively little is mentioned about Emer. There seems to have been very little of renown or importance about him from a historical standpoint. He was a king among the Jaredites and "the house of Emer did prosper exceedingly under the reign of Emer." (Ether 9: 16) And, "Emer did execute judgment in righteousness all his days." (Ether 9: 22)

Aside from reigning over a prosperous and successful earthly kingdom, Emer accomplished something of great personal worth and renown In his life before it was over. It is recorded of him, "yea, and he even saw the Son of Righteousness, and did rejoice and glory in his day; and he died in peace." (Ether 9: 22) Whatever else was done or accomplished in Emer's life, he seems to have accomplished the one thing that is of eternal and lasting worth and value. 

The earth's kings amass unimaginable wealth and power as they suppose. The world's museums and collections of rare and valuable antiquities are loaded with treasures of jewels, gold, silver, and art. (Matt. 6:19-21) This Jaredite king, Emer, forsook the treasures and power of men and the earth, (Matt. 16: 24-26) and attained instead a treasure the kings of the earth can never buy or acquire with earthly wealth, power, and dominion.

The kings of this earth use all of their armies, navies, and false priests to amass treasures and power. All of the reigns of the kings of this earth from the beginning of time, which included blood, and horror, the exercise of all unrighteous dominion, control, and compulsion upon the people of the earth, could not, and did not, result in the priceless treasure claimed by Emer before the end of his mortal days. The kings of this earth, if they could, would trade all of their gold and silver, their armies, and navies, all of the blood and horror of their making for the priceless treasure of eternal life. (Matt. 16: 26) Emer found it, the kings of this earth never will.

Seeing the Son of Righteousness exceeds all other endeavors, desires, and aspirations of this life. All else is simply vanity. We should follow the example of those who have been so blessed. We should allow them to be our guides. 

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